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  • Cover
  • Casita Colibrí.
  • Sipping tea at the oasis.
  • Late afternoon sun warming up the cottage.
  • Cozy space to read and relax.
  • The kitchen.
  • Real Delfts Blue =^}.
  • The living room.
  • Kitchen view.
  • Fresh bananas, passion fruits and sapotes blancos from our land.
  • The stairs to the bedroom.
  • Lots of light.
  • The bathroom.
  • Shower with hot+cold water.
  • Bathroom sink.
  • A peek into our lush garden.
  • A double bed.
  • Read a book and spend lazy afternoons in this hammock.
  • View from the balcony.
  • The front door.
  • Colorful flowers galore on our land.
  • Casita Colibrí in the lushness.
  • Our tribe: Ocean, Taro, Fleur, Mei Li, Faye, Uma & Kim Ho.
  • A view from behind the sweet lemon tree.
  • Butterfly visiting us.
  • Green path.
  • Riverside entrance.
  • Steps to our land.
  • Welcome to our orchard.
  • Private path to Casita Colibrí.
  • Walking along Rio Capa Maco.
  • Amazing orchids are blossoming once a year sharing their heavenly fragrance and beauty.
  • Magical rainbow.
  • New beginnings of nature.
  • The beautiful surroundings of the Capa Maco river leading to our land.
  • Mountain vista!
  • Banana extravaganza on our land.
  • Clouds are kissing each other against a crystal blue sky.
  • Spectacular sunset, for free.
  • Cozy bonfire.
  • Yes! Tangerines from our land.
  • Butterfly resting on buckwheat plants.
  • La iglesia de Vilcabamba.
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