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Winter Walking with Goats
Looking for something unique to do outdoors with family and friends this holiday season...try Winter Walking with Goats! We will walk on snowy but groomed trails saying hi to the other farm animals, we'll continue through the woods, and continue past the big field with six adorable Nigerian Dwarf goats who are unharnessed and unleashed. They will joyfully walk with us for a one-mile hike, all while we enjoy the beautiful outdoors, fresh crisp air, and learning some goat fun facts and a few silly goat jokes. At the end of the walk, we'll extend an invitation for you to enjoy a cup of hot cocoa and roast some marshmallows by the big, warm campfire, which is all included in the fee. If you are celebrating something special, please feel free to bring your own additional beverages and food while enjoying the ample space on this 14-acre farm. Please contact us if you'd like a different time or have additional questions.
Nordische Löffelschnitzerei in Minneapolis
Come spend a relaxing couple of hours learning the slow craft of spoon carving. This is not a race to the finish kind of class. We will go over knife safety, knife grips, and different kinds of knife strokes and practice on a stick before going onto your spoon blank. We axe out the spoon blanks before you arrive , so all you have to do is enjoy carving your spoon. There will be periodic breaks, and hand stretching as well as an axing demo by Erik so you can see how a spoon blank is made. This class will last three hours. Other things to note You will be carving a spoon from fresh green wood. We will be using carving knives and hook knives to make our spoons. Hand strength and an open mind to a new experience are helpful. Left handed welcome too.
Betz’s – Brunch in Nisswa
Betz's does Sunday brunch. Bring your family or your sweetie and get cozy in our home overlooking Nisswa lake. We're a part of Local Effort, a food group committed to using local ingredients whenever possible. Our meals reflect the spirit and terroir of Minnesota farmers and makers. We always feature pastry, great coffee, fresh sourdough bread, natural wine, and a reliable menu of standards and originals. The cost reflected ($5) is to make a reservation. We have an a la carte menu, and an option for a Chef's set menu. Meals will typically range from $20-$55 per person, depending on your appetite. We also accept walk-ins. Space is very limited, so we do encourage reservations. For larger parties, we encourage you to book a private party.
Uncover Hidden Bars of the Twin Cities
We'll spend three hours exploring a curated list of four of Minneapolis’ best bars. We won’t just be drinking there, we’ll be learning the story of the bar, meeting the bartender, and trying a new drink. Once you’re settled in with your drink, I’ll have a story to share with you about what helped make this fascinating city what it is today. The tour’s unnamed guest star is YOU. One third drinking, one third history and one third banter make this a thirst-quenching, educational, and social experience that has a little something for everybody. For this tour to work, the city needed two key things — a best-in-class bar scene, and a fascinating and varied history. Starting with the bars, Minneapolis is in the midst of a golden age of drinking. Long gone are the days of alcohol smuggling, speakeasies and temperance groups. No, today Minneapolis is dotted with distilleries, breweries and hidden havens for imbibing. Since the days of the lumberjacks, Minnesota has always put a premium on hand-crafting. Today’s embodiment of that is in our locally made beers and spirits. The care and craftsmanship put into these venues deserves to be seen, and it’s where we’ll be exploring on our tour. As for our history, Minneapolis is not lacking. Running through Minneapolis’ history can be a dizzying experience, like reading a book by an author who should get gone through a few more edits.
Kunst mit Funken
Can you stand the heat? Do you feel like learning a valuable skill that few people possess? Want to make a unique piece of art or repair a household item with your own two hands and some sparks?! Sparkin’ Suz is offering “make and take” classes in metal fabrication where not only can you gain valuable experience welding, but also take a home creation of your own to prove to others you can indeed weld ;) Whether you’re just getting out of diapers or you’re just getting into them, whether you’ve been welding for years and want to get back in the groove or have never even seen a welder, whether it’s for therapy, fun, or to get some arc time gaining experience toward learning a skill you can make a career out of.. Everyone is welcome and will definitely feel those sparks fly! ;) Well, not exactly feel them as I will have all necessary protective gear to keep you safe. One person, two person, and group sessions available! We’ll start the class by going over some safety. Either before you come to my class you can pick out a project you’d like to build, or just work on scrap pieces I will provide. The class will be what you make it, it’s very individualized! We will work on setting the machine, running beads, then finally working on whatever project you’d like! It’s a different experience with new things to learn every time you strike an arc. Let’s build something together!
Tonspielerein in einem phantasievollen Studio
I will give you a tour of Clay Squared which is a working studio in two types of clay- Ceramic and Polymer clay. You'll be surrounded by my sculptures and my husband's tiles and we will both tell you about our art. Then I'll teach you a few easy techniques in polymer clay that even the non-artistic can pick up right away. Next you will get to explore my endless scrap pile to add to your own creations and make a finished piece which could be anything from a decorative frame to a light switch cover to a sugar bowl. I can bake your creation for you while you wait (20 minutes) or you can take it with you to bake yourself. I always create right a long side you- sometimes on large commissions and sometimes on small pieces. I will also share any info you are interested in about the North East Minneapolis Arts District which is home of over 400 studios. Other things to note Everything you learn is step by step and Layl is all about positivity. Polymer clay is magical and very forgiving. We tend to run a closer to 2 hours than an hour and a half but let me know if you need to be done earlier and we can make it happen.
Minneapolis Axe Throwing Experience
I'm excited to introduce you to the sport of axe throwing! This thrilling traditional Canadian backyard pastime is now bigger than ever in urban communities. Enjoy a 45 minute axe throwing session with a Top notch axe coach right here in Minneapolis, 10 minutes from Target Field, home of the Minneapolis Twins. We will provide everything you need when it comes to safety, throwing techniques and will be there to guide you throughout your entire experience. Once confident in the basics, our coach will instruct how to keep score and teach you several games in order to crown a member of your group the ultimate axe throwing champion. I promise you'll be crushing bullseyes in no time and will leave feeling like the ultimate bad axe that you are! No experience necessary, all skill levels are welcome.
Wilde essbare Pflanzen und Pilze
We will meet at a local coffee shop and then caravan to take a hike at a nearby trail. We will hike for 2 hours and gather plants and mushrooms that are out when you visit, and I'll teach you about their biology and what can be done with them. Any questions you have I will either answer on the trail or follow up afterwards. This experience is focused for those who are beginner or intermediate with foraging and herbalism. Each season has different flora and fungi out, and specifics of what can be found depend on the specific weather each year and week. Generally, this is what will be found throughout the growing season. -mid-May: early June: spring greens, herbs and a few mushrooms -mid-June-mid-July: berries, herbs and a few mushrooms -mid-July-mid-August: berries, herbs and many edible mushrooms picking up with some rain -mid-August-mid-September: great time for a variety of edible and other mushrooms (with good rains), herbs
Rundgang durch Saint Paul mit einem einheimischen Experten
I'll tell you the story of Minnesota in three hours as we explore the capital city. St. Paul has such wildly diverse architecture, geology and stories. With just three hours I can touch on all of Minnesota’s highlights using the incredible backdrops of our capital. We'll start at one of the largest Cathedrals in the USA, then head through the neighborhood where F. Scott Fitzgerald was inspired to write "The Great Gatsby." There's a great local coffee shop I just HAVE to show you, so we'll duck in and grab a coffee before continuing on our journey to... ...the Minnesota State Capital, one of the crowning achievements of capital architecture. Once we've explore the Capital Mall, we'll go Snoopy-hunting in downtown St. Paul (the area is filled with statues of famous "Peanuts" characters). We'll continue on toward the Mississippi as I share with you some of the events that have shaped this city. After a long walk, we'll have earned the beer I'll buy you to finish our experience.
Stelle biologische Kosmetik und Hautpflege her
Each week we create a new experience for you to enjoy. Come in to learn how to make an organic skincare treat made just for you, by you. The workshops rotate weekly throughout the year from 20 different options including (but not limited to): lotion, makeup, bath bombs and lip balm. You will begin by learning about each individual ingredient you can choose to personalize the product just for you. You have the opportunity to pick your own base oils, colors, scents and additives while learning how to incorporate them into the product of the week. As we spend about 30-40 minutes making the product each person will get the opportunity to experience the individual ingredients and see how others are blending them to get their own unique product. You will then go home with a completed product made by you. Whether it is a lip gloss, room spray or dry shampoo you will get to enjoy your handmade creation right away. Feel free to contact me if you would like to find out exactly what product we will be making on the week you are visiting. We do not use any wheat, corn, nut dairy or soy ingredients in the products.
Knife Throwing in Minneapolis Downtown
I'm excited to introduce you to the sport of Knife throwing! Enjoy a 60 minute knife throwing session with a top notch coach right here in Minneapolis Downtown. We will provide everything you need when it comes to safety, throwing techniques and will be there to guide you throughout your entire experience. Once confident in the basics, our coach will instruct how to keep score and teach you several games. I promise you'll be crushing bullseyes in no time and will leave feeling like the ultimate knife thrower that you are! No experience necessary, all skill levels are welcome.
Winter Proof Walking Tour through Minneapolis' Skyways
Spend 3 hours with me exploring this incredible city and learning about its history - from the beginnings of the Dakota people, to the 18th century minting of the "Mill City," to today's arts infused metropolis. First, we'll learn about the city's arts scene by exploring the Guthrie Theater, a best-in-country regional performance space. Next, we'll grab a coffee at a local mainstay and I'll learn a bit more about your interests so I can customize the experience to your needs. Then, we'll explore the old Mill District and learn about the origins of iconic American brands like Pillsbury, Gold Medal Flour, and General Mills. Now, it'll be time to dive into our labyrinthine skyway system - it's 9.5 miles of interconnected, climate controlled walkways will help us navigate this city no matter the weather. Finally, we'll retrace the footsteps of late/great recording artist Prince (Minneapolis' own) before ending in the Warehouse District, one of the hippest neighborhoods in town, and grabbing a well-earned beer.
Sailing on Lake Superior
Up for an adventure? Your private MECO Sailing experience starts just in view of the Aerial Lift Bridge, a short distance from Canal Park in Duluth, Minnesota. Step aboard MECO and get ready to have some fun! Under the Bridge and through the channel…on to beautiful Lake Superior we’ll go! Let’s head to wind and raise some sails….see that stunning view of Duluth from the boat! Sit back, relax…Enjoy your day! Have another time your group would like other than what is offered? Just let us know!
The Great Create: Acryl gießen bei „Arts, Etc.“
Art comes in many different forms, techniques, process. All you need to know is that YOU CAN Create a beautiful piece of art in our fun workshop here at Arts, Etc. "The Great Create" Pour Painting workshop is a experiential workshop that will allow you to create a unique piece of art with a one of kind design. You will have a choice of painting on 2 16x20, 3 12x18, or 5 8x10 canvas, or a set of 4 coaster's and 2 trivets. Your artwork will be left with me in the studio to dry. I will apply a finishing on it let to cure and with be shipped to you. (Usually 2 to 3 weeks). workshops are easy to do. No artistic ability needed to participate. Everyone can create and have fun! You masterpieces will stay with me to dry, cure and provided with finishing touch...this will take a few weeks and then will be shipped to you at no added cost to you.
Snowshoe through the Hidden Acres
Join us for an afternoon of snowshoeing and fun. You will start with a refreshment of your choice while we get you ready for your journey into our Hidden Acres. Experience our trails while getting some exercise. Stop along the way to enjoy the peacefulness of the outdoors. When your trek is done relax next to a fire.
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