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Ferienunterkünfte in Litauen

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Erstklassig bewertete Ferienunterkünfte in Litauen

Gäste sind sich einig: Diese Unterkünfte werden aufgrund ihrer Lage, Sauberkeit und weiteren Aspekten hoch bewertet.

Tiny House • Gemütlicher Ort •  Familienvilla
Bauernhof · 4 Gäste · 2 Betten · 1 Badezimmer

Tiny House • Gemütlicher Ort • FamilienvillaEine großartige Gelegenheit, Ihre Umgebung zu ändern und zumindest für einen Moment zu entspannen. Gemütlicher Ort für ruhige Erholung/Arbeit/kreative Arbeit. Manchmal brauchst du nur eine kleine Menge, um zur Kraft zurückzukehren • alles, was du brauchst, ist eine ruhigere Umgebung • längere Spaziergänge • Bücher, die du endlich liest und die du liebst.

Gemütliche Wohnung in Žaliakalnis 12
Gesamte Unterkunft: apartment · 5 Gäste · 4 Betten · 1 Badezimmer

Gemütliche Wohnung in Žaliakalnis 12

Sunset Hill Anyksciai - Ausflugs-Spa-Haus
Tiny House · 2 Gäste · 1 Bett · 1 Badezimmer

Sunset Hill Anyksciai - Ausflugs-Spa-HausEntspannen Sie in einer modernen und gemütlichen Hütte in einer schönen litauischen Natur. Trennen Sie sich von Routine, Lärm, konzentrieren Sie sich auf sich selbst und einander. Komme in Kontakt mit der Natur und beobachte die erstaunlichen Sonnenuntergänge. Das Ferienhaus verfügt über alle modernen Annehmlichkeiten und einen geräumigen Whirlpool im Freien nur für Sie.

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Weitere tolle Ferienunterkünfte in Litauen

  1. Gesamte Unterkunft: apartment
  2. Kaunas
Gemütliche schöne Wohnung in Kaunas Center
$51 pro Nacht
  1. Gesamte Unterkunft: apartment
  2. Nida
am Rande des Kiefernwaldes
$88 pro Nacht
  1. Gesamte Unterkunft: blockhütte
  2. Indubakiai
Gemütliche Hütte am See in ökologischen Bauernhof Kemešys
$70 pro Nacht
  1. Gesamte Unterkunft: apartment
  2. Kaunas
Schöne Wohnung im Herzen von Kaunas
$49 pro Nacht
  1. Tiny House
  2. Kvietiniai
Eco Hütte im Wald - I
$60 pro Nacht
  1. Hütte
  2. Suvingis
Dvarcenai Wood House - Rückzugsort in der Natur
$67 pro Nacht
  1. Gesamte Unterkunft: apartment
  2. Kaunas
Innenhof Galerie Apartment mit kostenlosen Parkplätzen
$47 pro Nacht
  1. Jurte (Rundzelt)
  2. Birštono sav.
Jurte von VasaRojus
$123 pro Nacht
  1. Gesamte Unterkunft: apartment
  2. Klaipėda
Juli 37 Wohnungen
$31 pro Nacht
  1. Gesamte Unterkunft: loft
  2. Klaipėda
Loft-Wohnung im Herzen von Oldtown
$42 pro Nacht
  1. Gesamte Unterkunft: apartment
  2. Vilnius
Coffeeshops Straße Wohnung
$47 pro Nacht
  1. Bauernhof
  2. Biržai
Märchenhaus - Alle Jahreszeiten
$99 pro Nacht

Erstklassig bewertete Aktivitäten in Litauen

Einzigartige, auf ihre Qualität geprüfte Aktivitäten von und mit lokalen Experten

  • Entdecke die Geheimnisse der Altstadt von Vilnius
    Our daily free walking tour is a very good start of your visit in Vilnius as it gives an overview of the city and it's culture. The aim of the tour is not only to to show for the city guests the highlights of Vilnius but also walk the group through the secret courtyards and passages that would be hard for the travelers to discover on their own. The tour starts at the Cathedral Square and we present you the brief history of Vilnius. You will find out how our Grand Dukes ruled the city and what enemies the Grand Duchy of Lithuania had in the Middle Ages. You will probably be surprised to learn how powerful, big and threatening the country was in the past. After some time, we take take you through the narrow, medieval streets of the old town towards an area where mostly Jews and Germans lived in the past. You will get to know about different nationalities that lived in the city, how they all cohabit together and what happened to them, as Vilnius today is not so multi-ethnic anymore. For the dessert, we will show you the Republic of Uzupis – the magical part of Vilnius that has its own crazy story. Keep your camera on, pay attention to the small artistic details in this area, and relax. Don’t take seriously, everything the guide says here, humor is the most important here. Other things to note This is a Free Tour so tips are kindly accepted in the end. The 1€ price on AirBnB is a booking fee so we could host ourselves on this platform. The group sizes vary from 3 to 20 people. If you wish to have a private tour with us,please contact us at info@vilniusfreetour.lt or +370 69 227491.
    Ab Preis:$2/Person
  • So hast du Vilnius noch nicht erlebt
    Undiscovered Vilnius free tour is the best way to get a different perspective of Vilnius. The tour focus on the less known areas of Vilnius that could be hard for a traveler to discover on it’s own. Throughout the tour, we will take you by public bus to the most contrasting area of Vilnius called Šnipiškės. In this area, abandoned wooden houses and modern skyscrapers are just meters away from each other. To feel the contrast better, we will reach the modern city center to admire the panoramic views from the top floor of one of the highest skyscrapers in Vilnius. It is very likely that all those areas will change completely in a few years, so don’t miss an opportunity to be a witness of these changes and let us take you to most contrasting and undiscovered places of Vilnius. Wear comfortable shoes; Get in a good mood, and join the Undiscovered Vilnius tour to gain an authentic insight into Vilnius outside the tourist trail. Other things to note This is a Free Tour so tips are kindly accepted in the end. The 1€ price on AirBnB is a booking fee so we could host ourselves on this platform. The group sizes vary from 3 to 20 people. If you wish to have a private tour with us,please contact us at info@vilniusfreetour.lt or +370 69 227491.
    Ab Preis:$2/Person
  • Nachtpaddel-Abenteuer
    We will begin with a briefing, introduction to canoe paddling and will practice some basic canoe strokes. Led by a guide you will paddle towards the Old Town of Klaipeda, exploring the old embankments, mid-century Memel fortifications and finally the old town with its Prussian architecture. Other things to note No high heels please.
    Ab Preis:$32/Person
  • Fotospaziergang und Street-Art in Vilnius
    Hello, fellow photography lovers. We will meet at the Old Arsenal in the center of the city and I will prepare some fun photo challenges which will let you to find exciting compositions and improve your skills. We will start by climbing The Hill of Three Crosses where you can take postcard type pictures of Vilnius. From the highest point of our journey we will then go down to explore Užupis Republic via side streets and paths. On the way we will be looking for street art and make some colorful, abstract type of pictures. I will give you some useful tips how to improve your compositions. During the midpoint of our walk we will sit down for a coffee or tea and I will give you some more advice and pointers about the art of photography which I learned through the years of practice. Refreshed we will continue to the beautiful Old Town of Vilnius, discovering best spots to take panoramas of the city, looking for more colorful street art and actually making our own art. I will be your personal photo guide and at the end our our walk, if you follow my little photo challenge, you will walk away with your own unique album of Vilnius. Before we part, I will take a professional portrait of you and send you a fully retouched photograph for you to remember our trip. Other things to note Please bring comfortable clothes and walking shoes as we will climb to the Hill of Three Crosses. And don't forget the camera :) It doesn't have to be professional, you can also use your phone. Regardless of equipment I will give you tips how to improve your photos, either with camera or the phone.
    Ab Preis:$58/Person
  • Сказки и истории Вильнюса
    Есть возможность погулять по старому городу, начиная от кафедральной площади, познакомиться с вильнюсским Мормантром.. Увидеть горящую готику и барокко. Побывать в местах, где были и происходят чудеса. Поход продолжительностью в 3-3 ,5 часа, который закончим возле Святых Ворот. Это будет время не только узнать город, но попробовать влиться в его волшебную атмосферу. Экскурсия никогда не получаеться такая же, посколько город вносит свои коррекции.
    Ab Preis:$36/Person