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Ferienunterkünfte in Ibaraki

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Erstklassig bewertete Ferienunterkünfte in Ibaraki

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2019 gebaut! 4 Minuten vom Bahnhof entfernt! Schnelles 2gb Internet
Privatzimmer · 1 Gast · 1 Bett · 1,5 Bäder

2019 gebaut! 4 Minuten vom Bahnhof entfernt! Schnelles 2gb InternetWillkommen in Osaka! Wenn du Pläne hast, Dinge in der Innenstadt von Osaka und Kyoto zu tun, dann ist mein Haus perfekt für dich. Ich bin günstig gelegen 30 Minuten von den Shinkansen und Shinsaibashi auf den lokalen Zuglinien. Sie können Kyoto auch in etwa 45 Minuten erreichen. Mein Haus wurde 2019 gebaut und mein Zimmer befindet sich im 2. Stock. Ich habe ein sauberes Gästezimmer im 1. Stock, das sich neben dem Duschbad und dem Eingang befindet. Haus ist nur wenige Gehminuten vom Bahnhof mit vielen Restaurants entfernt!

'Kansai Sightseeing Base' ez Zugang zur Innenstadt von Osaka
Gesamte Unterkunft: mietunterkunft · 2 Gäste · 2 Betten · 1 Badezimmer

'Kansai Sightseeing Base' ez Zugang zur Innenstadt von Osaka[The measures against COVID-19] 1. Cleaning staff wears a mask during cleaning 2. Sanitize everything especially places which are often touched 3. Ventilate the room by opening the windows and turning the fan on 4. Put an automatic hand sanitizer spray at the entrance of the building 5. Using a small ozonizer during cleaning-up to sanitize air 6. Self-check-in by using a key box We follow the measure guideline against COVID-19 which is announced by Airbnb.

A2012/Zentrum von Osaka/Vollmiete /Familie/WLAN/503
Gesamte Unterkunft: mietunterkunft · 7 Gäste · 3 Betten · 1 Badezimmer

A2012/Zentrum von Osaka/Vollmiete /Familie/WLAN/503Thank you for your interest in my room♪ 【It is a recommendation point of the room】 ①Ideal for group and family travel ②nearest station →shinosaka station ③Many delicious restaurants ④Fully legal property! →It is a property qualified as an administrative institution. !attention! My room runs with the permission of the government. We will run according to the rules of the administration. Detail is described here →【その他の特記事項】. Please be sure to read! Please feel free to contact us!

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Weitere tolle Ferienunterkünfte in Ibaraki

  1. Gesamte Unterkunft: wohnhaus
  2. Neyagawa-shi
Das Beste für Osaka! Kyoto Sightseeing
$287 pro Nacht
  1. Gesamte Unterkunft: wohnhaus
  2. Higashiyodogawa-ku, Osaka
Japanischer Garten・MAX15・SHINOSAKA sta.11min
$565 pro Nacht
  1. Gesamte Unterkunft: mietunterkunft
  2. Osaka
ShinOsaka Sta.3mins/Einfacher Zugang ZU KYOTO/UMEDA/USJ
$41 pro Nacht
  1. Gesamte Unterkunft: serviced apartment
  2. Higashiyodogawa Ward, Osaka
$29 pro Nacht
  1. Gesamte Unterkunft: mietunterkunft
  2. Ōsaka-shi
2min zu Fuß →Bahnhof/1min mit dem Zug → Shin Osaka/Max12
$157 pro Nacht
  1. Gesamte Unterkunft: mietunterkunft
  2. Higashiyodogawa-ku, Osaka
Ein stilvolles und süßes neu gebautes Zimmer in der Nähe des Bahnhofs Shin-Osaka! neko neko apartment 202
$30 pro Nacht
  1. Gesamte Unterkunft: serviced apartment
  2. Yodogawa Ward, Osaka
$52 pro Nacht
  1. Gesamte Unterkunft: wohnhaus
  2. Higashiyodogawa-ku, Ōsaka-shi
10Betten und Carport!! @Shin-Osaka
$68 pro Nacht
  1. Gesamte Unterkunft: mietunterkunft
  2. 大阪市淀川区
Lovely Shiny Zimmer für Paare oder Einzelreisende
$23 pro Nacht
  1. Gesamte Unterkunft: wohnhaus
  2. Yodogawa-ku, Osaka city
Eröffnungsangebot! Kostenloses Pocket Wifi
$46 pro Nacht
  1. Gesamte Unterkunft: mietunterkunft
  2. Neyagawa-shi
Osaka23min. Gionshijo45min.FreeWi- Fi大阪京都Wアクセス
$16 pro Nacht
  1. Gesamte Unterkunft: mietunterkunft
  2. 枚方市
La Casa Kori 74 <UNK> private 2 bdr Einheit Osaka & Kyoto
$91 pro Nacht

Erstklassig bewertete Aktivitäten in Ibaraki

Unique activities hosted by local experts vetted for quality

  • Bereite gebratene Nudeln wie in Osaka zu
    WELCOME TO JAPANESE COOKING If you’ve always had an interest in Japanese cuisine, and wondered how you can reproduce some of the Japanese dishes you’ve had before, come join us at my cooking class, you’ll learn to cook Osaka stir-fried noodles in a normal fry pan. 1. Osaka Stir-Fried noodles PRICE for per person: 2,000 yen (About US$20) Duration: 1.25 hours NOTE: *The complete ingredient list will be sent to you after booking automatically. *Osaka stir-fried noodle will be normally cooked with slices pork belly, or squid here in Osaka, but you can choose favorite ingredients like fried tofu, mushroom, chicken, or prawn instead. *If your team is larger than the maximum number, please send me a message.
    Ab Preis:$21/Person
  • Teezeremonie mit Fokus auf Achtsamkeit
    Japanese tea ceremony can be enjoyed not only in a Japanese traditional tatami-mat room but also at a table and chairs in your house! Japanese tea ceremony is not only about making and drinking tasty matcha tea but also about calming the mind and the heart, focusing your heart on what's in front of you, and living in the moment. In a way, this is Zen meditation through tea. This experience is also great for team building. In this online lesson, we will proceed as follows: 1) We first introduce ourselves. I would love to know how you got interested in Japanese tea ceremony. 2) I will explain the background history and the important basic philosophy of Zen Buddhism for better understanding of Japanese tea ceremony. 3) I will demonstrate the modern table tea ceremony, and if you have your own matcha set (detail listed below) please follow what I do and I will also explain tips to make a tasty matcha. In that case please prepare your matcha tea set prior to the session. But this is optional, so if you don't have any match tea set, please enjoy watching the choreographed movements, which are very calming. 4) Question and Answer time Other things to note Please remember to have your computer/phone/tablet charged or plugged.
    Ab Preis:$19/Person
  • Alles über die Geisha-Kultur
    This experience is organized so you can fully understand the REAL Geisha culture (not what is falsely described in some famous movie...) and get ready to fully enjoy the special moment at Geisha entertainment when you attend one in the future. Based on my experience of attending Geisha entertainment dinner/experience numerous times in Kyoto for work, I will explain real Geisha culture using photos and videos. 1) Self introduction of myself and guests 2) Definition of "Geisha" 3) History of Geisha culture -- how it started, how it developed, and how it is today 4) What kind of arts and training involved, what kind of work involved, what kind of daily schedule they have 5) What to expect if you attend a geisha entertainment -- short one for tourists, long one over dinner, and authentic one with local patrons 6) Let's practice games that guests to Geisha entertainment dinner/experience typically play with Geishas so you can fully enjoy the experience when you attend one in the future! 7) Question and Answer time
    Ab Preis:$17/Person
  • Spätes Nachtleben & Kulinarik in Osaka
    Regarding the whole Tenjinbashi entertainment area as one large cuisine dining, Enjoy exclusive Japanese food & drink with bar-hopping style. This is the most luxury and efficient way to enjoy Osaka food culture. Begin with Takoyaki (In Osaka must eat food, Octopus dumplings) as an appetizer, then taste Fresh Sushi at Sushi bar counter with Sake as the second, move to freak loved BBQ restaurant to taste juicy Wagyu-meat with local beer. We will end up with the rich taste of chewy Japanese noodle 'Ramen' as the last (probably some you never eat before). In total, we will visit 4 places. Basically, at 1 place, 1 drink(except 1st & 4th) & 1- 2 food, then go next. This is Osaka style and especially suits this area. 'Eat and Die' is a famous word which mentions about Osaka town. Tenjinbashi, The Longest shopping street in Japan has a different face in the night. Especially narrow side street has more interesting. I'll show you around scenic Osaka night town. Without a local navigator, Someplace is difficult even for Japanese people to enter, though Osaka night is very kind for drinking people. So you'll feel very comfortable after like a local. I'll try to direct unforgettable Osaka nightlife​ & food Other things to note Maximum number is 4-6, because the Restaurant space are limited. ■For vegetarian people, I can arrange some. ■Non alcohol drinks are available on your request. ■Private tour is available, pls ask me
    Ab Preis:$96/Person
  • Be a wildlife photographer in Nose Town
    We are in Covid-19 catastrophe now. That is why we need to go get a healing energy in the field. And we need to go out for a breath of air to get well! Unique points 1) Small group size (maximum 5 guests) You have a lot of times to talk with a guide. Chance of "lucky man-to-man guide" 2) Your guide is very familiar with a nature of Japan I will show you photogenic stuffs for your best shot. 3) We can enjoy some wild peppermint tea and wild watercress soup we have just picked on hiking. 3) After hiking, your experience is still alive on SNS Let's share wth all the people what you will see & experience. After this activity... You have a lot of photos of Japanese wildlife you will never see in your country. You can talk about your precious experience with photos on SNS. You will have one precious hiking buddy at least (It's me) Course Meeting time 9:30 am at Tourist Information Center, JR Osaka St. ~ Osaka Umeda St. 10:00 ~ Myokenguchi St. starting point of hiking (around 11:00am) ~ Arinashi-no-michi road Smiling Cherry (Lunch time break under the 150-year-old and a huge cherry tree) ~ Arinashi peak 336m (break time) ~ Noma's big zelkova (Goal. Arrival time around 1:30~2pm) ~ Zelkova museum (break time)~ Myokenguchi St. by bus (around 15 min.) ~Myokenguchi St. to Osaka Umeda by train (1 hour ride. Arrival time around 5pm) End of
    Ab Preis:$58/Person

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