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Empowering the next generation of tourism entrepreneurs
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At Airbnb, we believe tourism can be a force for good, and we want to do our part to give more people an opportunity to benefit from tourism in the places they call home. That’s why we launched the Airbnb Entrepreneurship Academy, which introduces people from diverse and historically underrepresented communities to hosting on Airbnb.
How it works

Airbnb partners with local organizations to develop tailored education programs that help participants learn how to become entrepreneurs by turning their spare room or property into a source of extra money on Airbnb. Participants hear directly from Superhosts who share specific tips and helpful information on how to get started and become successful on Airbnb.

We partner with:

  • Nonprofit organizations

  • Academic institutions

  • Destination Marketing Organizations

  • Development banks

  • Governments

  • Small businesses & small business centers
  • Mhinti Airbnb Academy

    Mhinti Pato, Academy attendee, Cape Town, South Africa

    "It didn't only transform my life, but it went further in transforming people around me and also my community."

    Rafa, Academy attendee from Yucatán, Mexico

    "Thanks to the Airbnb Entrepreneurship Academy sessions hosted with UNESCO and Co'ox Mayab, I've discovered a treasure trove of potential within my own heritage. I’ve learned about everything from cultural preservation to the practical application of tech in tourism."
    Melody Airbnb Host

    Melody, Academy attendee from North Carolina, US

    "The partnership between the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and Airbnb Entrepreneurship Academy has been a transformative journey for me as an indigenous entrepreneur living in a rural community. It has empowered me to create a thriving business that not only benefits myself but also fosters economic growth within my community."

    Wira, Academy attendee from Bali, Indonesia

    "As a participant in the Airbnb Entrepreneurship Academy program, I've experienced a transformative journey beyond business. It has not only impacted my life by equipping me with the skills to thrive in the hospitality industry but also created jobs in our local community."
    The story so far

    The program began in South Africa in 2017 to help support education in hospitality and technology for residents from under-resourced communities and rural areas. Given its success, we have expanded the program to more communities across the globe with active Academies in Kenya, Thailand, Colombia, the United States, and more. In 2020, the World Tourism Alliance (WTA) recognized the Academy for Best Practice in Poverty Alleviation Through Tourism.

    Academies around the world

    In total, we have partnered with over 50 organizations, hosted more than 100 Academies, and helped more than 4,500 participants around the world learn how to host on Airbnb. As the Academy continues to scale, more people can access the economic benefits of local tourism and hosting on our platform.
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    To see upcoming Academy opportunities in the United States, please visit the US Academy Hub.

    To see upcoming Academy opportunities in Africa, please visit the Africa Academy Hub.
    “It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Airbnb in partnership with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians to host the Airbnb Entrepreneurship Academy program here in Cherokee, North Carolina. Community members learned that they could earn extra income by renting out space or sharing experiences that highlight the natural landscape, scenic beauty, and wealth of outdoor activities. The Airbnb model aligns with our eco-tourism strategy to preserve our natural landscapes and beautiful scenery while providing more places to stay that make visitors feel like locals in Cherokee, NC.”

    — Sabrina S. Arch, Director of Enterprise Development for the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, North Carolina, US

    “We are excited to be collaborating with Airbnb to expand the Airbnb Academy as this presents wonderful opportunities for our students in the entrepreneurial space and broadens their exposure to tourism and hospitality. At School of Tourism and Hospitality we value our partnerships with industry and look forward to working together with Airbnb to educate our future entrepreneurs.”

    — Alexander Leicht, Chief of the Section of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) at UNESCO, Mexico

    “The partnership between the Washington Area Community Investment Fund, Airbnb, and the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center is an exciting opportunity to expand pathways to inclusive entrepreneurship and hosting in the D.C region. With 36 years of experience as a CDFI, we have dedicated ourselves to supporting small business development and are thrilled to align with like-minded partners who share our mission to increase equity and economic opportunities in our communities.”

    — Sowmya Pelluru, Chief Brand and Communications Officer at the Washington Area Community Investment Fund (Wacif)

    “The tourism sector plays a vital role in the lives of millions of people, as their livelihoods are intricately connected to this industry. The collaborative partnership between the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and Airbnb has made a substantial contribution to the progress, efficiency, and professional management of Indonesia's tourism sector. As we move forward, our Ministry remains steadfast in its commitment to support initiatives that elevate the capacity and competence of human resources within the tourism industry, with a specific focus on fostering growth through the Airbnb Entrepreneurship Program”

    — Mr. Sandiaga Uno, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia

    Over 50 global Academy partners, including:

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